Seeds That Feed collects and distributes fresh produce to those in need. We call it CareCropping.
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Everyday, across communities, there exists surplus fresh produce that will end up being either tossed in the dumpster or composted unnecessarily. At the same time, their are hundreds of families who can barely afford to feed themselves, much less gain access to fresh, nutritious foods. Food insecurity, food waste, barriers to healthy eating, and ultimately a misallocation of resources, are problems that are present in nearly every community. Seeds That Feed was created to help bridge these gaps and grow a healthier community through our efforts.
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A very, very special thanks to all of our farmers, who we have grown to love and admire. We never could of done this without you!
Market Gleaning Carecropping in Action
Mobile Food NetworkMobile Pantries
CookboxesRecipes Boxes
CareCroppers@ Market
Food Stationse.g. Owl Creek
Top Farms
Total Donated (2018)
Sister Sprouts -2,498 pounds
Summers Fresh- 1,853 pounds
M Garden - 1,821 pounds
Lee Fresh - 1,019 pounds
Chee- 895 pounds
Community Voices
"With the veggies you all so graciously gave, we were able to eat well for the week, and the food was so gorgeous I felt spoiled."

Anonymous Recipient
"When you’re starting a food recovery operation, it helps to have a catchy name...The Fayetteville, Arkansas-based founders of Seeds that Feed have accomplished both."

Jonathan Bloom Author, American Wasteland
'Thank goodness for all the work you do!!!'

Rachel Townsend
"I'm happy they're coming around. You know we've had people try to come and pick up for donations in the past and the main problem is having people that are on the ball that always make they're rounds..."

Mark Cain Dripping Springs Farm
"STF is one my favorite local organizations. Its a group that draws the ocmmunity together...through healthy food, local markets, and cooperation!"

Summer Flowers Volunter
"Helping with Seeds That Feed has been an incredible experience. It has not only helped me understand what I put it my body, but also given me the opportunity to help others eat healthy."

Robert Ward Volunteer
Meet our AWESOME Team
Alyssa Snyder
Co-Founder/Chief Seeder
Margaret Thomas
Chief Feeder
Jacque Morris
Board Member
Teresa Thomas
Board Member
Dawn Jones
Board Member
Aron Shelton
Co-Founder/Board Member
Summer Gallagher
*Honary Lifetime Board Member
From front porch to farmers market
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